A Distinguished Exposure can Bring Better Results.

Learn How to maximize your investment 

Realize your property’s full value

Knowledge is key when selling an investment property. The asking Price of an investment property is directly tied to the return it provides, or could provide. If you’re not maximizing your investment property’s return, you need to prove that is can be done. Industry data, realistic revenue projections, and comparables are keys in achieving this.
Investment Network

I have an extensive network of investors that I bring properties to. They trust my ability to find them great investment properties and are willing to pay a fair price for them. Specializing in such a niche market means making sure you are getting your investment property in front of the eyes of the people that are looking for it. There is no way to do a general search for “great investment properties,” it takes industry knowledge and expertise to find them.

Sotheby’s International Realty has the largest global marketing reach in the world when it comes to Real Estate. This is key, as investors come from all over; local, across Canada, and International.
You may not know you have an investment property

I have a proven history in remarketing properties for clients as an investment property when they had previously had it listed as a home. After doing so, they saw a significant increase in their sale price.
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